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What It’s Like to Work at a WeWork

I’m excited to share what it’s like to work at a WeWork!

What it's like to work at WeWork

If you don’t know, WeWork is a coworking space; which means it’s an office space where multiple businesses rent work space and share common space. You can book a “floating desk,” where you work from any common area, or you can rent an office space within the building. My WeWork is home to businesses that range in size from 1-30 people. My company of seven people rents two office spaces, right across the hall from each other. (We are part of a larger company, but the seven of us make up the local Philly office. )

I’ve worked in a variety of office spaces (nonprofit, university, and corporate), and WeWork is by FAR my favorite work setting.

What it’s like to work at a WeWork:

There are so many perks that come with working in a WeWork workspace – here’s what you can expect:

Free food

WeWork brainstorms fun ways to provide us with free food at least once a week. We’ve had everything from parfait days, waffles, samples from local restaurants, and make-your-own pudding cups for Earth Day. Days are so much better when you get surprised by a delicious snack!

Fun activities

My WeWork’s community managers are always implementing fun activities for their community! For example, on Valentine’s Day my WeWork had a bouquet station. WeWork provided bunches of flowers and we romanced ourselves by making bouquets.

During mental health awareness month, my WeWork set up a “meditation room” complete with padded cushions, dimmed lights, calming teas, and soothing music. It was an awesome escape from a hectic workday!

During Girl Scout cookies season, we had a “Wine & Cookie pairing day” where you could sample wines and girl scout cookies (by far my favorite WeWork event).

This is just a small sample of the activities that WeWork provides for it’s community. These events are a great way to meet other people who work in your building and take a break from the grind.

Cool digs

There’s no other way to say it – WeWorks are cool. They all are uniquely designed with aesthetically pleasing and modern murals, furniture, and designs. My WeWork was formerly a brewery, so the design is aided by original brick walls homages to the original beer company. There are also a few Philly touches, like a mural of Rocky on the wall. Signage around WeWork is also super cute and creative, whether it’s motivational words or directions on where to find the bathrooms. All of these design touches make me feel more creative in my own work!

Private bathrooms

If you want to know my favorite part of working in a WeWork, it’s the bathrooms – by far! Each bathroom in my building has ceiling-high length walls and doors, as well as speakers that pump music into the stalls to allow for full privacy. Gone are the days of having to hear your coworker’s bowel movements, or playing an awkward game of who-goes-first. I won’t go into graphic detail, but using the bathroom in privacy has really improved my quality of life, and therefore my productivity. (It sounds like I’m kidding but you’d be surprised how a nice poop can make your day better. Sorry, I went into detail).

Furry friends

The best part of WeWork is that it is dog-friendly. This means that I rarely go a day without petting a dog, which is highly important for my mental health and productivity. I’m now a firm believer that all workplaces should be dog-friendly!

Another thing to note about working in a WeWork is that the staff are always super friendly and accommodating.  Overall, working in a WeWork provides workers with a comfortable, creative vibe that makes coming to work every day just a little more fun.

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xo, Liz

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  1. Seri Roth

    I also work at a WeWork– well at least during normal times. I love it so much!

    1. simplylizlemonade

      Me too! I miss it right now!

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