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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Last week I asked my boyfriend if we gave each other Valentine’s Day gifts last year. He sweetly remembered that he gave me a t-shirt I’ve never worn, and I made him a pie he didn’t eat. That’s true love, folks! Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching again, I’ve been brainstorming unique Valentine’s day gifts for him. I’m hoping to do a little better than I did last year!

This is my doomed gift for my boyfriend last Valentine’s Day – but it’s the thought that counts!


Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for him:

1. Concert tickets: Experiences make the best gifts, especially when they are a shared experience. Surprise him with concert tickets to an artist he loves! He’ll be excited and it will give you a date night to look forward to together.

2. Matching underwear: Meundies has a bunch of cute matching underwear sets for you and your partner. This is the perfect Valentine’s gift because it’s functional, cute, and a little sexy. Plus maybe then you can convince your guy to get rid of that one 10-year old pair of boxers he has with ever-growing holes on the butt.

3. First date memento: Did you go to a restaurant or bar for your first date? Give him a nice reminder of where it all began. Purchase a piece of the location’s merch, or if they don’t have any, make your own on a website like Cafepress or Vistaprint. For example, you can order a pint glass from Cafepress with the logo of your first date location printed on it.

4. Baked treat: My boyfriend hated the pie I made him for Valentine’s day, but it’s the tasty thought that counts. I recommend actually verifying that he’ll enjoy what you make…my bad.

5. Bundle game: The Couple Bundle is a board game that’s custom-made for couples; you reminisce over old memories while making new ones. It’s a perfect way to spend a date night. You can even order a personalized version for extra bonding and extra fun!

6.Pedicure gift certificate: Pedicures are the ultimate mini-spa experience. Many guys won’t go on their own, so you can even book an appointment for you to go together. This will also get you out of at least one foot rub your man requests.

7. Cooking class: Book a cooking class date night! This is a fun and romantic bonding experience, plus you get dinner out of it. Win, win.

8. Sporty socks: Get him socks from Lids that honor his favorite team or player. This is romantic because it gives the illusion that you also care about his sports obsession. (Here’s a whole list of other sports fan gifts, too!)

9. Massage: Up to you whether you gift him a professional one or just give him one yourself 😉

10. Canvas picture: You can get any picture blown up and printed on a canvas from CVS. They are surprisingly great quality and make great decoration. Choose a picture of you two, a picture of his favorite place, or just an extreme close-up of your face to be immortalized on his/your wall forever.

11. Quality Time:  Delve into this Valentine’s Day activity for couples and have a night of deep conversation and relationship-building.

I hope these ideas help you find unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him! Good luck – And remember, if all else fails, you are the greatest gift of all.

xo, Liz

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