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Things that are worth spending money on

If you know me, you know I’m cheap.

When I say cheap, I mean: Won’t go a movie theatre, won’t spend more than $20 on a shirt, will eat 5-day old leftovers to avoid spending money…CHEAP.

I make my boyfriend use my Target card even when it only saves 3 cents because I am a strong believer that every cent is a cent closer to retirement! There is no high like saving money or getting a good discount.

However, I do think there are a few things that are worth spending money on:

Getting your hair highlighted:

I’m a natural blonde (I swear), but my blonde has gotten a tad…dimmer in my 20s. I cringe every single time I hand over ~$200 to freshen it up, but highlights make me feel pretty and confident for a long time. I only get my highlights done about every 6 months, so mathematically it’s like I’m spending ~$1/day for my blonde. Well worth it, in my opinion!

Daily contacts:

I wear contacts every second of every day that I am not asleep. I choose daily contacts instead of monthly ones because I can just peel them out of my eyeballs and and toss them on my nightstand after I’ve already climbed into bed. Dailies are 100% worth the investment of not having to take the time to clean and store contacts in cases every night.

Toilet paper:

Only, and I mean ONLY, Charmin Ultra Soft is allowed to touch this tushy. I am a brand name stickler when it comes to toilet paper, which I realize seems absurd considering toilet paper’s purpose. I truly believe that high-quality toilet paper lasts longer and is more cost-efficient. Als,o it just makes me feel good.


I have a shoe size that doesn’t technically exist (10.5). Since it’s rare to find shoes that fit me, I have to be lenient on price (up to ~$100), or chose to walk around barefoot. If I find a useful pair of shoes that fits, I buy it. Sometimes in multiple colors!


My eyes are super sensitive to light, and I have to wear sunglasses even when it’s cloudy. I’m willing to spend the money on high-quality UV polarized sunglasses to protect my eyes! My current sunglass of choice is these Ray-Bans (polarized for extra protection). I’m on my 3rd pair in about 9 years, so I only lose them every 3 years or so. Not bad!

Brand name cookies/candy:

These are my weakness. I will only buy actual Oreos, Chips Ahoy, m&ms, etc. Off-brand candies/cookies just don’t hit the same way, ya feel? I will splurge both financially and physically on these snacks – but I always look to see which brand is on sale first!


My dad has always taught me that the one thing that’s worth spending on is experiences. If you are embarking on a once in a lifetime experience or considering an experience that will grant you a lifelong memory, it might be worth the money.

Things that fall into this category include: visiting faraway friends, going on a (reasonable) vacation somewhere new, or attending a beloved artist’s concert (I will always splurge for Taylor Swift). There are limits to this, though – I won’t spend money on front row concert tickets or repeatedly going to Hawaii. But I do think spending money on a memorable experience about once a year is absolutely worth it.

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