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The Easy Way to Get a Birth Control Prescription

The easy way to get a birth control prescription: An honest review of the Nurx app.

(Not sponsored, just genuinely love this app and easy way to get a birth control prescription)

We are truly #blessed to be living in a time where we have such easy access to birth control. It is so simple to get the birth control method that’s right for you – especially if you use Nurx. Nurx is an app that will prescribe you birth control right from your phone and have it sent straight to your home! It’s amazing. If you haven’t heard of it – read on about one of the most useful apps for women in the modern era.

When I decided to go on birth control, I had no idea how. I had never had a consistent primary doctor (side effect of moving lot), and I didn’t know if I had to go to a gynecologist, an orthodontist, a paleontologist, or whom. Then I heard about Nurx.

Getting a prescription online sounded a little suspicious at first, but I live for excitement so I decided to see what Nurx was all about. I downloaded the app, which started me off by providing information on all kinds of birth control including the pill, the patch, and the ring. The app also gave me details about each pill including the length of the prescription (some pill packs are a full 28 day run that skips periods entirely, some are a 21 day run with a period in between packs, etc.), and what each pill also targets (lighter periods, clearer skin, fewer cramps, etc). I chose a pill that sounded like a good fit for me, and then answered a self-questionnaire that asked me about my age, blood pressure, and heart rate. I then inputted my insurance and payment information, and my request was submitted. It was that easy!

Then a real, live doctor gave me a prescription. Because I have stalker tendencies, I googled them to double check that they were a legit doctor, and of course they were! A few days later, my first prescription showed up in the mail for FREE (free is my love language, but the cost of your prescription will depend on your insurance). My prescription came with descriptive instructions, but there is also a message feature in the app that you can use if you have questions about your medication. (You can also switch prescriptions at any time if the one that was prescribed to you isn’t working how you want it to.)

I now get a fresh supply of my birth control pills in the mail each month without having to do anything! No remembering to fill my prescription, no walking 2 miles barefoot in the snow to the pharmacist to pick it up – it just shows up in my mailbox. Nurx also sends me a text to let me know it’s on it’s way! To renew my prescription after the first year, all I had to do was answer the questionnaire again – and the app gave me plenty of warning to do so.

If I had gone about making an in-person appointment for a prescription, it would have taken me forever. I would have had to find a doctor, read their reviews to make sure they weren’t a quack, make sure they took my insurance, then worked to find a good time to book an appointment. I could’ve been pregnant by then! (Kidding, but not kidding). Nurx, however, got me on a prescription immediately. I would honestly recommend Nurx to anyone, with the caveat of making sure you are in tune with your body, motoring how it reacts to the medication to ensure it is a good fit for you.

If y’all want to know any more information about my experience with birth control, let me know. I’m always happy to share! Big believer that there’s no such thing as TMI when it comes to helping others.

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