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Why you should start therapy during quarantine

Stuck at home trying to figure out how to fill your time? Well, I have the answer. You should start therapy during quarantine. 

Maybe you’ve thought about starting therapy before, but were held back by barriers like lack of time or fear of committing. Or maybe this pandemic has you mentally shaken. Either way, now is a great time to begin your mental health journey by seeing a therapist.

Here’s why you should start therapy during quarantine:

You have the time

Let’s be honest, right now you probably have a lot of free time. Many people are using this extra time to focus on their physical health, but mental health is just as important! There’s no better way to use one of your many spare hours than by speaking to a therapist.

There’s no commute

Most therapists are currently holding virtual appointments. Instead of having to drive 20 minutes to a therapist’s office, all you have to do is walk to your laptop. You don’t have to spend time navigating to the therapist’s office, searching for the building entrance, or sitting awkwardly in the waiting room before your appointment trying to avoid eye contact with the patients. It could not be easier to get to therapy right now!

Options are limitless

Another bonus of telehealth is that the location of the therapist’s office doesn’t matter! (As long as the therapist is licensed in your state). You’re not limited to nearby therapists, so you might mind a good fit with a therapist that you would normally disqualify due to distance. With telehealth, your options expand widely.

Trial Is Easier

Guess how many therapists you can try out right now. The answer is – as many as you want! Without the extra time it takes to physically go to a therapist’s office, it’s easy to do trial sessions with multiple therapists until you find your best fit. I started with a new therapist about two weeks ago and unfortunately it wasn’t a match, so I’ll be setting up a new telehealth appointment with another therapist this week. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about finding a new office that’s convenient for me!

Timing is Flexible

If you’re working from home, you probably have a more flexible schedule right now. Instead of being limited to after-work hours, you can schedule an appointment early in the morning, or use your lunch break for your therapy appointment.

There’s Less Pressure

Overall, I find that a telehealth appointment has much less pressure attached to it than an in-person appointment does. Talking online leaves me less stressed about I’m dressed (yes, I do get anxious about my outfit for a therapist appointment), how I’m sitting, or if the therapist can tell how nervous I am. I feel much more calm in my home environment, which makes me more comfortable with opening up.

Potential Price Benefits

For some reason my insurance covers telehealth in full, while it only partially covers in-person appointments. (I will never understand health insurance!) If your insurance is set up like mine is, then you have literally nothing to lose from trying out a telehealth therapy appointment.! Many therapists also offer their first consultation for free.

If you’ve been thinking about seeing a therapist, I urge you to take advantage of this “down time” and start therapy during quarantine.

Wishing you all peace and mental health during this crazy time!


P.S. Not sure what to expect from your first therapy session? Check out my advice here.

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  1. Brenda

    Hi it’s Brenda from It’s funny that you post this…

    I went in for an initial appointment 2 weeks before we went into lock down. The 2nd week that I was there was a vacation week for him so I actually never had an appointment in his office for therapy itself. I’ve told him several times this is the 1st therapist I haven’t ran away from and I think it’s because of it being teletherapy – so hard to make an excuse not to go lol

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. simplylizlemonade

      Haha I love that story! Always good to hear ways that quarantine has benefited someone in some way 🙂

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