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Reflecting on my 2019 goals

It’s the end of 2019! I know a New Year is technically just an arbitrary date in time, but I like using it to reflect on the previous year. I honestly had a great 2019. I actually think it was my favorite year of my adult life so far!

This year I:

  • Liked my job! I feel so grateful for my job. (Especially after some not-so good job experiences). My job has such a supportive, flexible environment that has really allowed me to thrive. So much so that I was promoted earlier this year and will start out 2020 in a new promoted role as well!
  • Spent a lot of time with family. Like a lot. I am so happy and so lucky to live 40 mins from my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and new niece. I saw my family around once a week this year, and nothing makes my heart happier.
  • Became an aunt. I won’t gush about this more here, but being an aunt has been the most special experience. I am obsessed with that little baby and she has made life even better.
  • Loved my boyfriend: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2.5 years now! He is great, we are great, it’s been a good year with him by my side.
  • Moved apartments. Moving across the city was more stressful than I anticipated, but so wroth it! I get to walk to work now, which is awesome. I love my new apartment and it feels so much like home.
  • Experienced good mental health: This was my first full year on anti-anxiety medication, and I can’t even express how much it has changed my life. I still struggle with anxiety, but the day-to-day anxiety has lessened SO much. Medicine has made my life joyful.

Reflecting on my 2019 goals

It’s also time to reflect on my performance on my 2019 resolutions. Here’s what they were, and how I did:

  • Make new friends: Okay I failed at this, but I did TRY. I even went to a Bible study sponsored by a Christian group I joined in college. Sadly, I did not make a new best friend in 3 hours. Womp, womp.
  • Focus on the present: LOL this is a work in progress! I am very bad at this, but I am continuously trying.
  • Travel: This year I went to Naples, Florida, as always. I also went to Michigan, Maryland, and the Jersey shore.
  • Grow in my career: I definitely achieved this! Even more meaningful to me than the promotions I earned is how valued I feel in my current job. What a blessing.
  • Pay more attention to my spending: I definitely did this! I saved a solid 25-30% of my income this year. I also took care to make wise financial decisions, including moving my savings to an account with a higher interest rate (free money is my favorite money).
  • Cook more: Sort of? My boyfriend and I cooked maybe 3x a week, but one thing we definitely cut down on was ordering delivery, which is a big money saver.
  • Exercise: Okay I am not even a member at a gym anymore so I failed this one. Here’s the thing though: I hate exercising.
  • Keep up with this blog: I did this! In the past 2 months, I’ve really started focusing on growing my blog. I switched host sites, upped my Pinterest game, and grew my blog audience to a few thousand views a month. (Hi, everyone!) I’m excited to see where 2020 takes this blog!

How was your 2019? What did you accomplish this year?

xo, Liz

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  1. D'aniza

    I’m starting to love your blog. You are very inspiring person and positive about different things in life. I’m sure you have ups and downs but still you’re a great person. I’m hapoy that 2019 was amazing for you!!! I hope 2020 is also a great year for you. Your blog is starting to be one of my favorites.

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