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Philadelphia Bucket List

Have you been wondering, “Hey Liz, are you ever going to stop talking about how much you love suburbs?” I’m here to tell you that no folks, I am not. I love them and I can’t wait to have a yard and nearby shopping centers with TJMaxx, Rite Aid, and Acme all in one place. (This post was supposed to be about appreciating city life, but here I am again waxing poetic about suburban Rite Aids. Lord help me).  ANYWAY, in order to focus on living in the present and making the most of my time in the city, I’ve created a Philadelphia bucket list of things I want to do while I’m living here.

My Philadelphia Bucket List:

Go to Frankford Hall:

This is allegedly extremely average bar in Northern Liberties that every single person I know in Philadelphia has been to except for me. The stars have simply never aligned, but one day they will!

Attend an Eagles game:

Philadelphia Bucket List: Eagles game
I’ve never been to an NFL game and Philly is allll about the Eagles. The problem with this is that it is outdoors and I and will only attend a game for less than $40, and if it is exactly 76 degrees with a slight breeze. This might not happen.

Eat on the Moshulu:

Philadelphia Bucket List: Moshulu
This is a boat that doubles as a restaurant. Every time I see this boat, I want to be on it. What’s cooler than eating on a boat? It’s also my favorite type of boat: the kind where I can disembark at any time. I have heard Moshulu is expensive, so maybe I’ll just go for dessert.

Attend the City Hall (or Rittenhouse) Christmas Tree lighting:

As a Christmas lover I should definitely do this while I’m still in walking/subway distance!

Go to a rooftop bar:

Why not see the sights of Philly from the very top? I’ve been to a rooftop bar that’s only 4 stories up, but I can do better. The sky is the limit.

Attend a 76ers game:

I’ve never been to a Sixers game and they take place indoors, so I might like it. Except for the squeaky shoes noises. If basketball could solve that, I would be all over it.

Experience Reading Terminal Market:

Philadelphia Bucket List: Redding Terminal Market
Did you know this isn’t spelled “Redding?” I’ve previously passed through Reading Terminal market to use the restroom and get out as fast as I could, but I want to actually spend some time there and experience the food and all there is to see there.

Ride a bus:

I’ve never ridden a public transport bus. I am very afraid of them, but this seems like a “city” thing to do while I can.

Swim in a public pool:

I love pools. I know Philly has public ones. I gotta get in one!

Walk up Kelly Drive:

Philadelphia Bucket List: Kelly Drive
Kelly drive has a walking/biking path that follows the Schuylkill River. I would put “run,” but we all know that’s not going to happen. I want to walk the Schuylkill up Kelly Drive and take it all in.

Go to the Barnes Museum:

One time I almost snuck in here past security when I was on a run. I want to see it just for the idea! Preferably on a day when admittance is free.

Go to the haunted house at Eastern State Penitentiary:

Philadelphia Bucket List: Eastern State Penitentiary
I don’t love Haunted Houses, but I do like doing novelty things. This is one of them.

See a show at The Mann Center:

During the summer the Mann Center plays movies that are accompanied by a live orchestra! I’ve been wanting to go to one since I moved here.
That’s my Philadelphia bucket list! All of these items are very average ideas, but that’s the whole point – to enjoy the average city things while I can. (I’m also laughing at how I made up excuses for half of these, but I’m really going to do them all…Well maybe not the Eagles game).
Do you have any bucket list items you want to do in your city?

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