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My Favorite Amazon Purchases

Oh, Amazon. My first love, my true love, my deepest love. Forever am I blessed by your sweet free 2-day shipping. If you’re an amazon addict like I am, read on for a few of my favorite amazon purchases:

Sweatpants: These are so cozy, and the tapered ankles make them super cute, too. If I were the type of person to feel shame about clothing, I would not even feel ashamed wearing these out in public. (But I’m not, so I wear these in public all the time)

Tumbler: I drink out of this all day, erryday while I’m at work! The straw makes it easy to sip from, and I love that it transitions from a cup with a straw into a no-spill tumbler. (Unless you are me, in which case you still end up with situations like the above)

Overall dress: Is there ANYTHING cuter than an overall dress? I think not. I own this in pink and I am obsessed. It’s awesome because you can wear it year round – with a tank top in summer, or with a sweater and leggings in winter.

White Noise Machine: Real question: If you don’t sleep with a White Noise Machine, how do you sleep? I live in an apartment building, which means there are always stray noises from the hallways/other apartments.etc. This fan makes the perfect soothing noise to drown out anything else and keep me snoozing all night long.

Under-door seal: I put this on my apartment door when I moved into my building. This under the door seal was so cheap and easy to install and has dramatically cut down on noise, light, and air from the hall.

Filtered shower head: City water is super hard (I don’t know what that means but something about minerals and other sciencey things), which left a constant film in my hair when I first moved to Philly. Purchasing this filtering shower head changed my life! It also increases water pressure, which is dope.

Magnet Phone Holder: I used to have a phone holder in my car that I had to clip my phone into, and I don’t know how I ever survived putting in that amount of effort. With this magnet holder, you just casually stick your phone on the mount, which is WAY easier. Highly recommend for keeping your phone safely visible and hands-free.

Tub shroom: I can’t even count the number of times my hair has clogged a shower drain. This cheap tub stopper catches all the hair and completely prevents clogging! Disclaimer: It’s super gross to clean, but so so worth it.

Those are all of my favorite Amazon purchases! What things have you bought from Amazon lately that you have loved?

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