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My Favorite Amazon Purchases During Quarantine

I’ve been trying not to spend all of my money during lock down, but it’s hard when online shopping is about the only thing we can do! Today I want to share a few of my favorite Amazon purchases that I’ve made during quarantine. These things have kept me busy, made lock down life easier, or just plain brought me joy.

My favorite Amazon purchases during quarantine

Beachy MTV shirt

As a Teen Mom loyalist, I own more than 1 (or 2 or 3…) MTV shirts. The count is irrelevant because this shirt is so cute, tropical, and comfortable that everyone should own it.

World’s best iphone cord

I have been on a lifelong mission to find the best, long-lasting iPhone cord and I HAVE FOUND IT. This iPhone cord is super long (important for scrolling TikTok in bed) and highly durable. Instead of having a plastic coating on the cord (which easily breaks apart after use), it has a braided material wrapped around the cord that stays intact while providing flexibility. I would buy this 500x over (but I won’t have to, because it will last!)

Iphone tripod

I finally took the blogger plunge and invested in a tripod! This one is awesome because it’s super light (which is very important to my weakling self), and easy to tote around in the little bag it comes in. Despite collapsing to a very small size, it can be extended to 5 feet high for great pictures! Most importantly, it comes with a remote that allows me to take pictures from feet away. No more hitting self-timer on my phone and racing back to the shot before the picture snaps. Verdicts out on whether I will be able to keep track of the remote, but for now I’m excited to see this tripod elevate (literally) my content!

“My Lovely Wife” by Samantha Downing

I recently read this book for some quarantine entertainment. If you like a good murder-mystery type book, you’ll love this one that provides a unique twist! . I gobbled it up faster than I’m gobbling up my quarantine supply of m&ms.

Robot Vacuum

Speaking of gobbling things up… this is my new best friend/love of my life Rufus. He’s pictured above carrying around M&Ms for me just because he can. I have wanted a robot vacuum for a long time, and finally got one thanks to my economic stimulus check. My apartment gets dirty so quickly now that I’m home all of the time, but Rufus has totally changed the cleaning game for me!

There are a lot of robot vacuums on the market, but I chose the Eufy 30c for a few key reasons:

  • Volume – this is the quietest robot vacuum on the market, which is the most important thing to me!
  • Power – this is the most powerful model by this brand, which I need to take care of my constant disastrous spills
  • Directional capability – Rufus comes with a remote, but I love that he also has an app so I can control him from my phone. With the touch of my screen I can change his direction or lead him to a particularly bad mess!
  • Alexa compatibility – I can control Rufus with my Alexa, which is extremely unnecessary, but brings me a lot of joy.
  • Scheduling – Rufus can also be programmed to run at certain times of day, which will be awesome to use when I return to an office again!

Okay, I’m done waxing poetic about my robot vacuum now. I just love him, okay?

Spill-resistant water cup

I probably list Bubba drinking water receptacles in every single Amazon favorites list I make, but I am simply obsessed. These are insulated, sturdy, and can be used with or without the accompanying rubber straw. I recently invested in this 32-ounce cup, which has means less trips to the Brita! (Not that I have anywhere else to go these days).

Batiste dry shampoo

I’ve written before about how I extend time between showers, and Batiste dry shampoo is the key to washing my hair less often. Since I’m currently not going out in public, I’ve been stretching my shampoo days even farther apart. Dry shampoo allows me to do this without being totally disgusted with myself!

Those are my favorite Amazon purchases that I’ve made during quarantine. Have you bought anything you love during your time at home?


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