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Must have iPhone apps for a 20-something

I am addicted to my phone. I won’t share my average weekly screen time, but I will share that it’s HIGH. Although I’ve reached the acceptance phase of my addiction, I’m probably not changing my ways anytime soon. So today I’m sharing my must-have iPhone apps for a 20-something!

Must-have iPhone apps for a 20-something


Medisafe is the app I use to keep track of my medications. It’s so easy to remember to take a pill when you take it every day! I log my anxiety medication with Medisafe so that I don’t accidentally skip a day or double up on a day. Medisafe also has pop-up reminders that keep me in check on days I forget to take my meds!


Lightroom is the best photo editing app, and most importantly, it’s free! I use Lightroom to edit all of my Instagram photos. I’ve also recently gotten into using presets, which edit your photos to have a cohesive aesthetic look. This has transformed my Instagram page!

Here’s a before and after of a photo I took while using Lightroom:


Mint is an amazing budgeting app that keeps my finances and spending on track. I’ve previously waxed poetic about it in my blog post on how to budget using Mint!


TouchRetouch is an awesome photo retouching app. I am not into photo retouching when it comes to editing your body or creating a fake image. However, I love to use this app to clear up the background of images to make them slightly more appealing. For example, I used TouchRetouch to edit out the power lines in the image below:

TouchRetouch does cost $2, but it is well worth the money!


I do not own a scanner, but I often have to scan documents for work or my personal life.To use Scannable, you simply open the app and hold it up over the document you are scanning. Scannable transforms a grainy image of your documents into clear, digitized scans that look professional!


As someone who lives in a city, being safe is a main concern. Citizen provides live safety crime for your area. Not only does this app keep me safe, but it also gives me a lot of laughs with reports that pop up  like “Naked man spotted wielding frying pan.” City life can be quite entertaining.


Nurx is an online provider for birth control. Gone are the days when you had to physically travel to a doctor’s office for a birth control prescription. I get mine through Nurx (for free because of my insurance), which makes life so easy! To find out how it works, read my blog post on getting birth control online.


Accuweather is the BAE of weather apps. It is by far the most accurate weather app out there, and if you are using any other weather app you need to delete it and download Accuweather immediately. My favorite part of this app is the “minutecast” which tells you exactly what the weather is going to be for the next 2 hours minute-by-minute. This has saved me from getting stuck outside in the rain more times than I can say!


I’m a picky drinker. Namely, I don’t like beer, and I only like sweet ciders. Untapped is an app that keeps track of your favorite drinks. Whenever I try a new alcoholic drink, I log it in the app and give it a rating. Then  whenI go to a restaurant, I can check Untappd to see if I’ve tried their drink offerings before, and avoid ordering one that I know that I don’t like!


Clue is an all-inclusive female health app. Clue provides a calendar where you can track everything from your mood, to your sleep quality, to your menstrual cycle. As a forgetful person, I especially value it’s daily reminders for me to take my birth control pill. I’d probably be pregnant without it! (Kidding. Sort of).


No surprise here, the Starbucks app is extremely important to me. Especially during this pandemic when you can only order via the app! I have my favorite drinks saved on this app, and I love how easy it is to customize my orders without feeling judged by baristas taking my order in person. I also earn stars from my purchases, which can be used for discounts and free drinks! Y’all know I love FREE.


I am obsessed with living spaces. Apartments, condos, houses, you name it. Zillow has all of the info on all of the latest homes across the world. The last thing I do every night before bed is scroll through houses on Zillow. (Is this weird? Don’t tell me). There’s just something so neat about seeing how many options are out there! Attending Open Houses is also a hobby of mine, and Zillow keeps me updated on the latest ones in my area.

Do you have any apps that you rely on for entertainment, or just to make your life easier? I’d love to know what your must-have iPhone apps are!


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