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Moving To-Do List: what you need to do in addition to packing

This week has been a blur because I am in the process of moving out of my old apartment and into my new one. I’m really excited about it, but I also forgot how much work moving is.

Did you know that when you move you literally have to take every single thing you own out of one place and physically put it into another?

Moving of course means a lot of purging and packing, but there are also a ton of other little things you have to do to prepare for your new home. I put together a moving to-do list to help me stay organized throughout the process and thought I would share it with the blog to help anyone else who is preparing to move!

Note – This list is specifically tailored for rental properties – I’m sure there’s way more to do if you purchase a place, but I haven’t experienced that yet!

Here’s my moving to-do list:

Book your moving truck/movers:

Unfortunately, teleportation doesn’t exist yet so you’re gonna need to find an alternate method of transportation for your stuff. Whether you’re renting a U Haul and moving yourself or booking movers with a moving truck, make sure you make arrangements at least a month in advance. Nothing would be more stressful than getting to move week and realizing you have no method of transport!

Reserve your moving space

If you are moving into/out of an apartment building, you might have to reserve an elevator to use your move. If your new street has minimal parking, you also you might have to reserve parking space for your moving vehicle. Make sure you do both of these things at least a month in advance as well!

Find helpers

Man cannot move by one person alone {Matthew 4:4.5} , so you’re going to need to recruit a moving crew (if you’re not using professional movers). As we all know, fewer things are worse than helping someone move. You know who your true friends are when they show up to help! Make sure to thank your helpers excessively.

Sign up for utilities

If your new utility bills are separate from the rent, you’ll need to transfer electric/gas/water services into your name so that you have power, heat, and running water. Otherwise, please enjoy your experience playing “olden-times” and living my candlelight in your new home. Also, make sure you cancel any utilities at your old residence so you don’t get bills for somewhere you no longer live!

Book WiFi

Home is where the WiFi is. You’ll want to sign up for WiFi at least 2 weeks in advance because installation appointment times can be limited and no ones wants to live a minute of our precious time on this earth without the internet.

[Bonus tip: I recommend cancelling your current service and signing up for a new service (rather than transferring your service to your new place), so you can take advantage of “newcomer” pricing deals.]

Get renter’s insurance

Make sure to purchase renter’s insurance so that your place is covered as soon as you move in! I used Lemonade for my new insurance (only partly because of my blog name) and I highly recommend it. It took less than 10 minutes to sign up, and I’m paying less than $10 a month for coverage. Renter’s insurance can usually be enacted within a day of signing up, so you don’t need to rush to get this done in advance.

Change your credit card billing addresses

I use my parent’s address as my billing address because I pay all of my bills online and am too lazy to ever change the physical address, but you’ll need to change your credit card billing addresses to your new place if you want your physical bills to come to you!

[Bonus tip: Never put an address on your check books. If you do, you’ll also have to order new ones with your new address information when you move. I’ve been using the same checkbooks through 4 different moves now because I leave my address information blank.]

Update your prescription information

If you have any prescriptions that you pick up near your current residence, or sent to your home, you’ll need to contact your pharmacy or doctor’s office to change them to a more convenient location.

Update any additional addresses:

You’ll need to change anywhere else your address is used; for example your college alumni association, amazon shipments, monthly underwear subscription,etc. You don’t want to miss out on that season FabFitFun box now do you?

Forward your mail

To cover all of your bases, make sure you set up mail forwarding so that any mail sent to your old address finds its way to you. You can do this at the USPS Website.

[Bonus tip: USPS also offers you 10% off of Amazon for 90 days when you update your address through the online process]

Gee, isn’t moving a blast?

The thing to remember is: Moving is always more work than you think it’s going to be. Sorry if you thought I was going to say something encouraging, but moving is just straight-up WORK.

Hopefully this moving to-do list will help you check stuff off as you go and not get too overwhelmed!

Do you have anything else you always do when you move?


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