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Last Minute Gifts for Sports Fans

I have the fortune…well, pleasure…fine, experience of dating a sports fan. Although I know very little about sports, I have become familiar with a few sporty terms like “Touchdown!” “Please be quiet the game is on,” and “Let me check the score.” Therefore, I am extremely qualified to present to you a guide for last minute gifts for sports fans. All of these items are available on Amazon prime so they will deliver in time for Christmas!

Last minute gifts for sports fans

Hockey puck chillers

If you know a hockey fan, these hockey puck chillers are a great gift that will keep their drinks iced while they watch their team on the ice.

Team socks

Socks receive a bad rep as a boring Christmas gift, but they are in fact the best Christmas gift. Who doesn’t need socks? Help your sports-loving friend stay warm this winter while repping their team.

Home Plate Doormat

If you know a baseball fan, this home plate doormat is a classy way to pay home-age (get it? Like homage, but it’s a HOME plate?) to their favorite sport.

Over-the-door basketball hoop

Get your basketball fan this over-the-door basketball hoop to keep them entertained at home or in the office.

Ticket Stub Book

Your sports-lover will enjoy having a place to store all of their game ticket stubs. They can use this to memorialize the games they’ve been to, and look forward to adding new ones!

Tailgate chair

I have never been to a tailgate because I have a great fear of having to stand for too long. This chair solves that problem! Any sports fan who tailgates will love this chair branded with their favorite team’s insignia.

Sports Trivia Game

If you know someone who loves all of the sports, this game is the perfect gift for them! It’ll test their nerdy knowledge of sports facts. (Bonus: they can play this with friends, which spares you from having to talk about sports).

Team Jenga

The classic game of Jenga is always a hit! Your sports lover will enjoy this even more when it’s branded with their favorite team’s name.

Stadium Tracker

If you know someone with a goal of visiting all of the ballparks, this gift is perfect for them! They can mark off where they’ve been as they make their way through their bucket list.

Team Gnome

I honestly don’t know what this is or why it exists. But my boyfriend owns one and it’s my favorite sports-related item I’ve ever seen. Give the gift of gnome joy to your sports fan with this team gnome.

In-home putting green

Winter is a hard time for golf lovers when the cold weather keeps them from playing outside. Give this indoor putting green to your golf-loving pal so they can keep their golf skills sharp all winter long.

Team ornament

A classy team ornament is always a great holiday gift!

Sports bag pen holder

A golf bag pen holder is a creative way for your golf-lover to keep their game in mind while they’re at the office.

Team Blanket

A blanket is always a great wintertime gift! Keep it classy by purchasing a blanket with just a touch of team representation.

I hope this list helps you generate some gift ideas for the sports fan in your life! Merry Christmas 🙂

xo, Liz

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