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Last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas for 2021

It’s almost Halloween! If you end up waiting until Hallows Eve to put together your outfit, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with costumes ideas that can all be assembled in 30 minutes or less. These costumes vary from timeless to trendy, but most importantly – they’re all simple to create! Here are easy last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas for 2021.

Last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas

Amazon Alexa

Who doesn’t love Alexa? This is an easy costume you can put together with just 2 pieces of black poster board. Staple them together in a cylinder shape, then cut out the amazon logo and glue it on the front. Add some strings to wear it around and you’re everyone’s favorite assistant. Bonus points if you answer to “Alexa” all Halloween night long.

Girl Scout

Throw it back to childhood with a Girl Scout costume. If your parents are like mine, they’ll still have your Girl Scout sash in their basement for you to grab. Pair it with a khaki skirt and white top, and you’re ready to give out cookies to Halloween party attendees!

Alabama rush sorority girl

Pay homage to the viral TikTok sensation that was Alabama rush this year. Pick out a bright pair of shorts (or a skirt or skort!), a Greek life t-shirt, and some big, bold earrings before you hit sorority row.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas for 2021

Not only is Dog the Bounty Hunters a national hero, he’s also very easy to impersonate, especially if you’re a blonde like I am! Pick out your best long-sleeved black button down and be sure to leave it un-buttoned just a little too far. And don’t forget your pair of off-trend sunglasses! Accessorize your outfit by printing out a Bounty Hunter badge before you start looking for fugitives.


The costume that only needs one accessory: a Sim costume. To make this iconic Sims plumbob, print this plumbob template on green construction paper. Follow the instructions to assemble it, attach it to a headband, and make sure your mood stays in the green!

Ghost emoji

Do a fun twist on the standard ghost costume with this ghost emoji costume! All you need is an oversized t-shirt and decent enough drawing skills to copy the ghost emoji’s winky face. You’ll be looking BOO-tiful all night long!

I hope you enjoy these last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas! Comment with your favorite one, and Happy Halloween!


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