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My January Favorites


January FLEW by! I can’t believe February is already upon us. I’m hoping it finally brings Philly some snow! Today I’m sharing my January favorites.

As Julie Andrews says, here are a few of my favorite things (from the past month):

  • The Bachelor: The Bachelor is forever a soothing constant in my life. I love that it makes Mondays a little more bearable, and I love that my boyfriend and I get to bond over the ridiculousness of it all. (I say it’s ridiculous, but I will still 100% cry if there is a proposal at the end).
  • Nipple cream: Yes, nipple cream. I have been using nipple cream as a lip balm since another blogger said that it is the best way to prevent chapped lips. My lips are a lost cause in the winter, but this has definitely improved them! Also, I like just whipping out my nipple cream during casual conversation and acting like it’s completely normal.

  • “You” on Netflix: This crazy show was such an entertaining binge watch, even though I kept calling Penn Badgley’s character “Dan Humphrey” á la Gossip Girl.
  • This deodorant: I recently bought this deodorant on Amazon, and it has changed. my. life. As someone with anxiety, I sweat when I get nervous. Which is…always. But I literally do not sweat using this. It’s amazing. HIGHLY recommend!
  • A 3-day weekend: The transition back to work after the holidays was rough, so having MLK day off for a long weekend was the best thing to look forward to. It was perfectly filled with being social, seeing my family, and spending a day with my boyfriend doing absolutely nothing. If only every weekend was 3 days long!

My January Favorites: Tea

  • Alexa making my coffee: I trained Alexa to turn on my coffee maker using a smart plug and I legit feel like I’m living in the future when I yell at her to make my coffee in the morning. It’s the little things in life.
  • My Letter board: I got one of those letter boards that’s all over Instagram and I am obsessed. I look at it with fondness every day. I got a cheap version and had to individually clip each letter off of a large plastic sheet, and that was honestly just as fun as making up new things to post on the board.

  • Booking trips: I’m currently using the aforementioned letter board to count down to 2 upcoming trips I booked this month! I’ll be off to warm Florida next month, and visiting my sweet best friend in March. I can’t WAIT for either of these trips!
  • Marie Kondo: Not to be dramatic but Marie Kondo changed my life. Since watching her show on Netflix (“Tidying Up”), I’ve been purging and organizing, and so have my parents! I’m actually having a lot of fun de-cluttering and freeing myself of things I no longer need. (For example, every single worksheet I ever filled out, in every grade, at every school.) I also now use the phrase “This sparks joy” about anything at anytime.

My January Favorites: Marie Kondo

  • My boyfriend: Sorry to be sappy, but he is the best and I’m obsessed with him. He sparks joy.
  • Starting this blog: I’ve thought about starting a blog for years, and I’m so happy to finally be doing it! It’s been an absolute blast writing posts, brainstorming, and learning everything I can about blogging. Thank you for reading along!

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