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How to Wash Your Hair Less Often

If I could give up one part of the essential human experience, it would be showering. I feel this way until I am actually in the shower and remember that showering is the best feeling ever. So lately I’ve been on a mission to find out how to wash your hair less often.

I have naturally oily hair because I was cursed by a wicked witch when I was a baby (unconfirmed). As a result, I used to be the type of person who washed my hair every. single. day. But then I realized that if I was showering every day I was washing away roughly 92 hours of my life every year. That’s 92 hours down the drain! (Sorry, I will put a stopper in the shower puns now). So, I did some research and made a change. I’m taking showers every other day now, baby.

Here’s my guide for how to wash your hair less often:

Find a good shampoo: There is tons of information out there about shampoos that extend time between washes. Generally you want to stay away from shampoos that add shine/moisture to your hair – the last thing a greasy head needs is more shine calling attention to it. I personally stumbled upon Clay Shampoo below and it has changed. my. life. I always wondered how people in ancient times kept their hair fresh and now I know it must’ve been because they were washing it with clay (note: I am not a historian, I made this up). This shampoo is honestly life changing:

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Invest in a good dry shampoo: Most wet shampoos are a /sham/ that actually train your hair to get dirty faster so that you’ll have buy more. Oh, capitalism. Even clay shampoo can only last so long! Dry shampoo is a great solution for extending the time between when your hair is squeaky clean and when it’s not socially acceptable to be seen in public. This is the best dry shampoo I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot)!:

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(Two important notes for applying dry shampoo:

  1. It works best if you spray it on before bed the night before – this gives it time to really sink into your roots.
  2. It really works best if you spray it 12 inches away from your head instead of up close. Life hack.)

Rinse your hair well: I have thick hair, which means there can actually be spots that I miss when I’m rinsing. It’s important to rinse your hair thoroughly both before and after you shampoo to make sure you rinse out the grease that’s there before you wash, and the shampoo you’ve used to wash up.

Clean your hairbrush: Your hairbrush can carry a lot of grease, dust, and oil in it. Makes sure to clean your brush often to prevent it from making your hair dirtier!

Schedule your showers wisely: For example, if you’re on the every-other-day shower grind and shower on Monday/Wednesday/Friday night, then you can extend that should-be Friday night shower to Saturday morning instead. Space your showers in the way that works best for your schedule and leaves you with the fewest washings during your busy days!

Change your mindset: The biggest life hack that allows you you to extend time between washes is a mental one. Yes, you have to train your hair, but you also have to train your mind. When you look in the mirror and think you look greasy, you just have to ignore it and pretend you don’t. That’s honestly half the battle. I guarantee you other people won’t think it’s as greasy as you do!

There you have it friends, those are the tricks to extending time between hair washes. Go forth and shower less! (And use deodorant more).

xo, Liz

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