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Free escape rooms to play online with friends

Is all of this time at home making your house feel like an escape room with no way out? We may not be able to break out of our homes right now, we can at least pretend! Today I’m sharing my list of free escape rooms you can play online with friends. Spice up your video chats, or play at home with your quarantine buddies (on separate devices). Let’s have some fun!

Free escape rooms to play online with friends:

1. Enchambered – Alone Together

This is by far the most advanced escape room I’ve seen online. Enchambered created this awesome virtual experience complete with moving parts, sounds, and interactive elements. It’s a two-player escape room that’s perfect for this time of social distancing. Each player’s screen holds and clues that solve puzzles on the other player’s screen. Play it with a faraway friend, and if you get stuck like we did, feel free to share your screens to make it a little bit easier.

2. Enchambered – Together Apart

This is the newest virtual escape room created by Enchambered. I haven’t played it yet, but if it’s as good as the first one, I’m sure it’ll be awesome!

3. Escape Room Durham

Escape Room Durham (in the UK, not the US), created this super creative Google maps-based Escape Room. I’ve never seen a puzzle quite like this one! Clues will lead you on a journey through Google and Google maps, acquiring different pass codes until you reach the end of the mystery. It’s a super fun and unique experience!

4. The Escape Game – Monthly Mystery

This website offers virtual escape room experiences (for a price), as well as a series of 4 free virtual escape rooms. I’ve only completed one so far, which involved a series of cracking codes and cryptex to advance from one level to the next. This will definitely be a hit if you like deciphering codes and messages. I’m excited to tackle the other 3 freebies!

5. Potter Escape Room

This is a Google forms based escape room, so it’s definitely not the most high-tech, but it is fun! It has a simple design that runs on the premise of being trapped in a room, of course. If you’re not a Potterhead (first of all, explain yourself), you don’t need any Harry Potter knowledge to play.

I hope this list gives you a few hours of entertainment while you’re trying to fill your time during quarantine! Let me know what your favorite game is 🙂


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  1. Jane Muyres

    How do I arrange a game with myself and a few others who live across the coumtry?

  2. Mary

    We did using google meet or zoom where one person shares the screen with the others.

  3. Katy

    I recently created a fun co-op virtual escape the room game that might be fun to feature. It requires 4 different players working together to escape the (cereal) themed multiverse… best of all, it’s free. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    If you and at least 3 other friends are looking for a socially distant activity to do, get on a video call together and try this co-op virtual escape the room. It takes about 1-2 hours, is PG rated, and require some basic math skills.

    1. lizwizdom

      Very cool! I’m definitely going to check this out

  4. Sarah


    I am trying to play the first scape room with my friend. This game is very interesting, but in the clock tlue is very confusing. Because in the laptop of second player we can’t understand what is the tlue for put the hours in the clock. Because of that situation the player one tryed put all hours possibles and the states of moons. This is very boring, our sugestion is if you can put the tlue more easier for find we think is better.

    Thank you for your time.
    Best regards,

    1. Prathap

      ***SPOILER ALERT***

      ***SPOILER ALERT***

      “Look above the clock” in Player 2 screen is where you should start.

  5. ines

    this is amazing thank you

  6. Bryan

    Did one of the monthly mysteries with my work team, 10 people all on zoom working through the puzzles. It was a blast. Thank you for sharing these links.

  7. Fidelia

    thank u so much! i’m going to play one of those with my friend tonight 😀

  8. Hayden

    Hi My mum loves harry potter so im going to set that up for her im so happy its free XD

  9. Maggie

    Glad I found this list! Great activities to do with my long distance bf

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