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My February Favorites

February is over! We are now officially in the hunt for spring. I’m so excited for warm weather and living life without jackets! (But spring is honestly still awhile away here in Philly). Today I’m excited to share my February Favorites!

Here are a Few oF my Favorite February Fings (things):

Trip to Florida: I went on a mother/daughter trip to Florida and it was so nice to spend a few days doing nothing but reading on the beach. My mom and I are super close; she’s honestly a best friend to me. We always, always have so much fun together no matter what we’re doing – probably because we’re basically the same person and find everything equally entertaining. Barring sunburn, it was a perfect trip!

Valentine’s Day: I never cared about Valentine’s Day when I was single, but in the past 2 years I’ve started to LOVE Valentine’s Day! It’s such a sweet day to take time to appreciate your relationship and make each other feel valued. I love seeing couples filling restaurants just to spend quality time together! My boyfriend and I went out for a great dinner, and I was gifted my favorite version of a bouquet: a bunch of bags of m&ms.

M&Ms chocolate bar: Speaking of m&ms, they have made this new chocolate bar that has mini m&ms stuck inside of it. It is delicious and I cannot get enough of it. Please send help.

New Starbucks: A new Starbucks opened right outside of my office! This is extremely problematic because now I pass it while I’m walking to work everyday. I’m setting up a “Starbucks budget” for myself, but I’m super excited to have one so easily accessible when I need a (decaf) pick-me-up!

Snow Day: The day after I got back from sunny white beaches and cloudless skies, Philadelphia had a snow day. This was the perfect transition back to work as I got to work from home AND got to spend the day with my boyfriend, who was working from home, too!

Game of Thrones Re-watch: I’ve been re-watching Game of Thrones to prepare for the new season in April, and it’s just. so. good. I’m sad it’s ending, but so excited to see how it all plays out!

What were your February favorites? What are you looking forward to in March?

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