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Favorite Home Products

After Hurricane Ian, we rebuilt my family’s vacation condo (where I live full-time). Here are a few of my favorite home products added during the renovation:

Electronic door lock

I’ve never met a key I couldn’t lose. Having an electronic door lock has been a total game-changer that prevents me from numerous lockouts.

Pull-Down Bathroom faucet

A pull-down bathroom faucet makes cleaning a sink or wiping away stray toothpaste SO much easier!

Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Having a touchless kitchen faucet for two weeks has made me incapable of remembering how to use a regular faucet, but it’s so worth it.

Mutable Microwave

Microwave beeps are a silly pet peeve of mine. Having a mutable microwave has brought me so much peace!

Motion Sensor Night Lights – Rechargeable

These rechargeable motion-detector lights sit perfectly atop the baseboards and only light up when they sense motion in the dark. After 60 seconds, they turn off and it’s pitch dark again! Perfect for late night potty trips.

Motion Sensor Night Lights – Plug-In

An alternative to the above, these plug-in night lights also only light up when they sense motion in the dark.

Magnetic Motion Sensor Under Counter Light

These motion sensor lights magnetically stick onto the range hood and lights the stovetop without having to manually turn on the range hood lights.

Those are my favorite products implemented during the rebuild. I hope you find something you like on this list!


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