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Easy last minute Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming up soon! If you happen to be leaving the house this year and haven’t already put together a costume, don’t stress. I’ve come up with a list of easy last minute Halloween costumes that you can easily pull together before Mischief Night.

Easy last minute Halloween costumes

Sims costume

Who doesn’t love The Sims? This is one of my favorite costumes because it lets you dress like a normal person with the exception of one accessory. Doesn’t get easier than that!

To make the Sims plumbob (that’s what the floating green thing is called according to Google), you can follow the instructions here.

Ghost emoji costume

Ghost costumes are pretty basic, but a ghost emoji adds a creative twist to a standard look.

To make a ghost emoji costume, all you have to do is grab an old t-shirt and draw the ghost emoji face onto the front. Instantly recognizable!

Carol Baskin costume

Remember the beginning of quarantine when staying inside was fresh and new and we all just wore tie-dye and binged Tiger King? Relive the glory days with a simple Carol Baskin costume.

Just pull out anything tiger/cheetah/leopard printed from your closet and call it a day! For bonus points, grab an old tiger Beanie Baby and tie it onto a headband to wear around.

Girl Scout costume

If you’re like me, you still have your Girl Scout uniform from 3rd grade lying around in your basement. If you don’t, you can easily cut a sash from an old t-shirt and add some patches to it! Pair it with a tan skirt and white top, and you’ll be ready to sell some cookies.

Amazon Echo costume

Alexa, what should I be for Halloween?

To create an Amazon Echo costume, all you need is two pieces of black poster board. Staple them into a cylinder shape, then print and cut the amazon logo and glue it onto the front. For straps, staple or tie string across your shoulders that will allow the Alexa shape to hang around your torso. If your name is already Alexa, this costume is a no-brainer.

I hope this list helps you put together an easy last minute Halloween costume. Happy Halloween! Which costume is your favorite?


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