Christmas Gifts for Her – My Christmas Wish List

Christmas Gifts for Her – My Christmas Wish List

Merry Christmas season! I love seeing what people are wishing for this holiday season, so I thought I would share my own Christmas wish list. If you’re looking for a gift for the lady in your life, maybe this list will spark some ideas for Christmas gifts for her!

Christmas Gifts for Her – My Christmas Wish List

TOMS Nolita Boots

I recently ruined my best pair of boots by spilling raspberry salad dressing all over them. I am still in mourning, but I’ve reached the acceptance phase that they are gone. It’s time to replace them with a new pair. As I’ve mentioned before, good shoes are one of the few things I will spend money on. These shoes are on the more expensive side at $149.95. If they become my daily shoes, the cost will be well-worth it!

Bite Lip Mask

I have perpetually chapped lips, and in the winter they strongly resemble the Sahara desert. I have tried everything to help them; various lip balms, chugging gallons of water, even coating nipple cream on my lips. This is one product I haven’t tried, and I’ve heard that it’s a miracle worker!

Oxo Vegetable Chopper

This is definitely more of a want than a need, which is exactly what wish lists are for. Can I chop vegetables with a knife? Yes. Would I rather just stick vegetables in a chopper and have them chopped for me? Also yes. Looking forward to how this will help me out with chopping tomatoes for taco night! (The one meal I can help cook).

Elon University Winter Hat

I never wore a winter hat until I moved to Philadelphia two years ago, and now I am obsessed. They are so cute and make SUCH a difference in keeping yourself warm! I’m wishing for one so I can rep my southern alma matter up north!

Paper airplane Necklace

This necklace (probably a much more expensive version) was once worn by both Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Aka two of my favorite people whom I have never met. I also used to own it, but surprise surprise – I lost it. Hoping to hold on to a replacement this time!

Iphone Tripod

A big part of blogging life is having quality photos! I’m wishing for a tripod to help me take pictures for my Instagram and blog posts.

Old Navy Sherpa Pullover

I saw this Sherpa sweater at Old Navy last week and I fell in love. It’s so soft, so cozy. Everything I need in apparel. I’m wishing to own it in light pink!

Starbucks gift card

Hi, my name is Liz and I’m addicted to Starbucks. I wish I could ave a grade decaf latte with sugar free vanilla and soy milk every day of my life. Alas, Starbucks costs money. Therefore I always, always wish for Starbucks cards to fuel my obsession.


I live in a city. In the wintertime it’s dark out on my walk home from work. I have a great fear of being murdered, and an even greater fear of being kidnapped. I’m wishing for some mace to help me feel at ease when walking alone.

iPhone 11

I always wait until my iPhones are truly on their last legs before I give in and get a new one. I currently have the iPhone 7, which is a bit outdated. To add to that, I can’t hear calls unless I plug in headphones. Also, the camera takes a nice blurry picture a full 2 seconds after I press the capture button, which is NOT ideal. It’s time for me to upgrade!

Long iPhone charger

I live by the following mantra: True happiness can only be achieved if a person has 4 iPhone chargers: 1 for the car, 1 for the office, 1 for the bedside, and 1 for the living room. Since chargers are always breaking (or getting lost), I ask for a new charger every single Christmas and birthday!

That’s my Christmas wish list! What are you wishing for this holiday season?

xo, Liz

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    1. Right? Who knew safety could be so cute!

  1. You’ve really picked some nice things. Very nice gift ideas.

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

  2. I like these selections. Definitely got some gift ideas lol

    1. Thanks so much!

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