What You Need to Bring to the Beach

I always think I’m not a beach person, but I also somehow always go to beaches as often as I can? It’s a conundrum.  After a lot of beach trips, I’ve finally perfected exactly what you need to bring to the beach for ultimate relaxation. 

Here’s what’s in my (metaphorical) beach bag, and what you need to bring to the beach:

  • Sunscreen: Duh! I am the type of person who can get sunburned just from the reflection of the sun bouncing off of the sand, so I have to make sure I’m covered in sunscreen and reapply every hour/minute.
  • Face sunscreen: My skin is super sensitive and tends to break out when I use regular sunscreen, so I use this special sunscreen for my face. This is the only “skin-care regimen” in my life.