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Supplies you should keep in your car

My basic way of life is to be prepared for anything at all times. I never leave the house without a snack, (and I never enter the house without one either). My over-preparation is probably just a side effect of anxiety, but I like to think it’s actually me being a super-smart-forward-thinker. Regardless, I always make sure to prepare for the worst and the unexpected – which is why I have a list of supplies you should keep in your car.

Here are some supplies you should keep in your car in case of emergency or unexpected situation:

  • Blanket: Car blankets are useful for many things. I keep a blanket in my car to help me survive winter, and in case I need an extra layer of warmth should my car break down. A car blanket is also useful for outdoor seating- whether you’re going to a sporting event, concert, or having a picnic. As I unfortunately learned last month, a blanket can also be used as a floor cover to keep your pants clean while changing a tire. You can also throw a blanket over something in the car that you don’t want stolen – you can’t tell that I’m carrying $5 worth of luxury toilet paper in my backseat if I cover it with a blanket!
  • Sweater/coat: Regardless of the time of year, it’s always a good idea to keep a coat in your car. This can come in handy for extra warmth in the winter, (especially if your car breaks down), or for overly air-conditioned grocery stores in the summer (my arch nemesis). I actually think you should carry a coat or sweater with you at all times in life in case you ever get cold, but that’s just because I can’t tolerate temperatures below 80.
  • Water: My biggest fear is getting stuck in traffic without water, and then getting one of those tickle coughs that can only be solved with water. This fate seems worse than death, so I always keep spare water in my vehicle.
  • Umbrella: Rain happens. Keeping a spare umbrella in the car keeps you prepared no matter what the weather brings!
  • Snack: You should always keep an emergency snack in your car. Just a bag of pretzels or some granola bars will do! You never know when you might get hungry and be stuck in traffic a mile away from the nearest McDonald’s.
  • Winter supplies: These are thankfully irrelevant now that it’s springtime, but during the winter you should always keep snow supplies on hand if you live up north; including an ice scraper, a collapsible shovel, and gloves. You’ll be glad you have these for unexpected snows!!
  • Paper towels: Spills happen. Whether you spill food on yourself, coffee on your seat, or oil on your tires, paper towels are necessary for clean up.
  • Wet wipes: Again, wet wipes are great for cleanup. They are also necessary after you touch the gas station pump, or anytime you just want to sanitize your car. If you really want to gross yourself out, use a wet wipe on your steering wheel. You will be scarred for life by the amount of dirt it picks up.
  • Pens: Your car can never have too many pens. Your life can never have too many pens. Always have pens.
  • Money: I always keep a spare $20 bill in my car in case I forget my wallet or have to make an emergency cash purchase. You should also keep a tube of coins for parking meters or a tire air pump.
  • Tampons: Ladies, you never know when you might be in need. It’s the worst feeling to drive to work and realize you just got your period and can’t dash out for tampons until lunchtime. Keep yourself (and your pants) safe with spare car tampons.

That’s the list! I keep my supplies organized in 2 bins, so they don’t take up too much trunk space:

(Please ignore the wrapping paper, that is not an emergency supply, it’s just been rolling around there for months. Can’t be 100% organized.)

Are there any other emergency supplies you keep in your car?


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