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What You Need to Bring to the Beach

I always think I’m not a beach person, but I also somehow always go to beaches as often as I can? It’s a conundrum.  After a lot of beach trips, I’ve finally perfected exactly what you need to bring to the beach for ultimate relaxation. 

Here’s what’s in my (metaphorical) beach bag, and what you need to bring to the beach:

  • Sunscreen: Duh! I am the type of person who can get sunburned just from the reflection of the sun bouncing off of the sand, so I have to make sure I’m covered in sunscreen and reapply every hour/minute.
  • Face sunscreen: My skin is super sensitive and tends to break out when I use regular sunscreen, so I use this special sunscreen for my face. This is the only “skin-care regimen” in my life.

  • Beach umbrella: I know it is cool to be tan, but it is literally cool to sit under an umbrella instead of sweating away in the direct sunlight. If you’re trying to get your tan on, just roll out from your umbrella for 5 mins, then retreat back under your umbrella for comfort and skin protection.
  • Beach chair: This seems like a no-brainer, but every summer I see hundreds of people sitting on towels and pretending they are comfortable. They don’t fool me! Comfort is my #1 goal in life so I always bring a beach chair. Pro tip: this is the absolute best chair.

  • Beach towel: I always bring a beach towel to lie on in case I decide to get some sun, or use if I get brave enough to take a dip in the ocean.
  • Long sleeve shirt: Sorry half of this list is about sun protection, but I wear a long sleeve SPF shirt to the beach for 2 reasons:
    1. To protect my skin
    2. To keep me warm when I get chilly in the shade of the umbrella (even in 85 degrees, don’t judge me).

  • Book: Is there any better activity than reading on the beach? The answer is no. Sometimes I feel guilty because I spend the whole time on a beach looking at my book instead of the scenery. Oops!
  • Hat: Sunburn on your face is the worst kind of sunburn. A peeling face is simply not attractive. I always bring a hat for extra extra face protection and to help my sensitive eyes squint less.

  • Sunglasses: Speaking of squinting, without sunglasses I would blindly walk directly into the ocean and drown. Sunglasses are a beach must have!
  • Snacks: Beaching makes me hungry. Snacks on the beach keep me from getting hangry.

  • Binoculars: The beach is the best place for people-watching, boat watching, or dolphin watching. If you bring binocs so you can get an up close and personal view of the over-age man walking around in a very inappropriate speedo. This might be slightly creepy, but it’s also very entertaining.
  • Water bottle: The sun and salt make me super thirsty and dehydrated so I always bring a water bottle for staying alive reasons.

  • Spot near the bathroom: If you’re staying hydrated, you’re going to need to pee a lot. Instead of spending half of my beach day trekking back and forth to the bathroom, I try to plop myself somewhere near a bathroom (even if I have to sneak into one at a hotel/restaurant). One day I hope to be the type of person who can pee in the ocean, but today is not that day.

That’s everything you need to bring to the beach! What’s in your beach bag? Let me know in the comments!


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