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Amazon Prime Day 2021

In honor of this year’s Amazon Prime Day, I’m sharing my favorite Amazon purchases from the last year! Enjoy your shopping 🙂

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – My favorite Amazon purchases:

REEF Sandals

I am obsessed with these slide-on sandals! They are so comfortable that they actually do double duty as my nice shoes and my household slippers. Yes, they make a slight fart noise while walking sometimes, but who among us does not?

Crocs Sandals

These waterproof sandals are cute, functional, and comfortable. They are my everyday summer shoes in Florida! Who knew Crocs could be so stylish?

Portable Blender

I use this blender to make my smoothies every day! It’s small and powerful, but most importantly it means having one less dish to clean because you can just drink out of it.

Mold-Free Water Bottle

I’ve been searching for a perfect water bottle that is leak and mold-free – and I’ve finally found it! Each piece on this bottle comes apart, which makes it super easy to clean. Generally not the case for water bottle with straws/nozzles!

Turkish Beach Towel

I just discovered turkish towels and I will never go back to big, fluffy towels again. This towel is so lightweight AND repels sand, which makes it perfect for the beach!

Odorless Sponges

I will be praising these sponges for the rest of my life. They are the only sponges I’ve ever found that don’t get that weird sponge smell after a few washings.

Reusable Straws

Good for the environment and good for your hydration. These plastic straws open up to be easily cleaned, and they come in cute colors. I don’t go to Starbucks without one!

Lena Menstrual Cup

I’ve become a menstrual cup convert in the last year. (Click here to watch my youtube video where I try them for the first time!) So far, this kind is my favorite. Comfortable, secure, and long-lasting.


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