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Adjusting to the Unexpected

Weird. That’s the word that most comes to mind when I think about this time we’re living in. The coronavirus has affected all of our lives and forced us all to start adjusting to the unexpected. In addition to being sad, disappointing, scary, unknown, and a bunch of other emotions; it’s just. So. WEIRD.

I think the hardest part of this for me is how it’s totally flipped what I thought my life was going to look like for these past/next few weeks. Months ago, my best friend from college and I planned a dream vacation for last week with my parents in Florida. My BFF was finally going to meet my boyfriend, and we were going to make lifetime memories on the beach with her husband and toddler. Of course, her family could not make the trip, which was devastating. My boyfriend was able to come down, but we had a very different vacation than anticipated. Now, I’m stuck in Florida with my parents trying to figure out when and how to get home.

As my patient boyfriend knows, I am NOT good at handling changes in plans. When I expect something to go a certain way and it doesn’t, I get totally shaken! Of course, right now is a total time of uncertainty and unmet expectations. Everyone has plans that have been changed due to this virus, and everyone is adjusting to the unexpected.

Here are a few heartbreaking things that COVID-19 is affecting:

  • Vacations (Holla)
  • 21st birthday celebrations (I just saw a Tik Tok of a dad checking his 21-year old daughter’s ID in their home while he pretended to be a bartender)
  • Funerals
  • Weddings (After all that planning and prep, UGH)
  • Bachelor parties
  • Final semesters of college (This one breaks my heart the most. My final semester was such a sweet and special time in my life!)
  • Baby showers
  • Jobs (And I’m sure this will increase the longer this goes on)
  • Visits with family members
  • Dinners out (I miss this!)

I recently saw a Facebook post from someone who said that it’s entitled be sad about the small stuff right now. I couldn’t disagree more! The stuff that makes life the sweetest is exactly what’s been swiped from us right now. Hugs with family members, celebrating a wedding with friends you haven’t seen in ages, bonding with your roommates in your last semester before adulthood; these are the small things that make life worth living. And not having them is so, so hard.

It’s okay to grieve these things. These broken plans, these events we used to take for granted. We can know that it’s necessary to cancel these things right now, and still wish we didn’t have to.

Today, I don’t have tips on how to get through this. I’ve got no advice on keeping your mental health in check, indoor workout tips, or the best recipes to get you through quarantine. Today, I’m sad and I’m scared, and that’s okay!

However, I do make a list of things I’m grateful for at the end of every day. While it’s been more difficult to brainstorm positives lately, I do have a few gratitudes that I’ve been clinging to!

Here are a few positives that have been helping me with adjusting to the unexpected:

  • I have a safe space to stay (even if it’s 1,200 miles from home)
  • Everyone I know is healthy right now
  • There’s sunshine here in Florida! (This has been HUGE for my mental health)
  • I have a job, which has been easy to do from home
  • Starbucks is still open (#blessed)
  • We have plenty of food
  • Facetime allows me to see my boyfriend from far away, multiple times a day (sorry, Sean)
  • I’m getting a lot of quality time with my parents
  • There is access to WiFi and the vast entertainment options it provides
  • I don’t have to decide whether or not I want to attend things (LOL)
  • I have plenty of time to read!
  • Teen Mom is back on TV (I just love it, okay?)
  • Everything I’m missing is a sign of how blessed I am
  • This is temporary, and things will get better

All we can do is take things one day at a time and hope for better days ahead.

Is there anything big or small that you’re sad to be missing because of the coronavirus? Let it out in the comments! Let’s commiserate together.

Wishing you all health and peace in this time! xo, Liz

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  1. Sadie

    I totally know how you’re feeling, and LOVE your shift to gratitude. It’s contagious and we need the positive vibes more than ever. Thank you.

    1. simplylizlemonade

      Thanks for reading! Doing my best to be positive right now!

  2. Brenda

    I’ve been writing a lot about this lately. I haven’t really focused on the positive so much as survival. Thanks for pointing out things we can be grateful for here.

    1. simplylizlemonade

      Thanks for reading! Hope you’re doing well and can find some positivity!

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