-Hi! I’m Liz-

Thanks for stopping by! I started this blog because I love hearing about other people’s lives (I’m a reality TV addict), and I think connecting with people is the most rewarding and educational thing you can do. (Yes, I think you can learn a lot from watching Married at First Sight). I want this blog to be a place where I share my simple life wisdom, connect with people, and hopefully make them laugh a little along the way.

About me:

  • I’m a 30-year old living in Naples, FL
  • I’ve lived in 6 states, 2 countries, and attended college in North Carolina at the beautiful Elon University.
  • I’m a twin! I have a twin brother which that means that no, we are not identical. (I have bigger boobs).
  • I’m lactose intolerant, and extremely gluten tolerant (I. Love. Bread.)
  • My favorite activity is crying at pregnancy reveals on Youtube.

What to expect from my blog:

  • Living simply: Life is short and I believe you should spend as little of it as possible bowing to obligation or spending it doing things that don’t bring you joy.
  • Mental health: I have anxiety, and I’m very passionate about mental health awareness. I hope to help others as I share my journey.
  • Frugality: Nothing makes me happier than saving even $.13 on a purchase. I have a LOT of tips on how to save and am so excited to share them!
  • No judgement: I am a firm believer that everyone should live their life how they want to. I’ll share my life, and I’ll be just as excited to hear how you live your life differently.
  • Honesty: So much of life is glossed over in social media! I want this blog to be a place where I’m honest about the good, bad, and ugly in my life.
  • Jokes: I cannot promise they will be good, but they will be present in abundance.

I’d love to connect with you! Please feel free to reach out to me in the comments, via email, DM, telegram, etc. Just don’t show up announced at my door because I am an introvert and will not answer.